Your community needs natural resources

The average household in the US uses about 250 gallons per day. Most of that water that has come though sophisticated water treatment plants is delivered to you by your local water authority. Seventy percent of that very costly preciously treated water, suitable for human consumption, is being used outdoors! Yet splashing off your roof is tens of thousands of gallons delicious fresh rainwater suitable (and in some cases preferred) for a multitude of uses. The less water that town has to deliver in stressful periods, the easier it is for them to manage [sometimes very old and overburdened] water treatment facilities. Furthermore, heavy down pours flood the storm drains and contaminate the existing water supplies. Keeping your drinking water clean and inexpensive is challenging. Water splashing off your roof could goes a long way to offset outdoor consumption and help towns manage their water supplies. Even if you are off the grid, that well water is tap into a common source that is shared by your community. That water needs to be protected and preserved. Harvesting rainwater and reducing water consumption is critical in helping your community manage water supplies.

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