Rain Water Facts

  • 1000 sq. ft. of catchment area will fill a 60 gallon rain barrel with 1/10 inch of rain
  • 60 gallons can cover about 100 square feet of garden or lawn with one inch of water
  • Sewer usage is commonly measured by your incoming water: Your sewer bill is estimated by the number of gallons of water that you use. Avoid paying sewer fees on the water that you use outdoors by using a rain barrel!
  • In New England a single rain barrel collecting water off your roof is estimated to save as much as 1,700 gallons during extended summer season
  • The average rain fall in New England is 16″ from May – September (prime gardening months).
    The state of Colorado averages 15″ a year – see how much rain your state gets:
  • The US average roof surface is approximately 2400 square feet. That equals ~1500 gallons of rainwater per inch of rain. A full 60 gallon rain barrel weighs approximately 500 lbs

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