Choosing a Rain Barrel


Great American Rain Barrel Specifications

  • UV protected
  • 60 gallon repurposed drums
  • 3/16″ UV protected food grade polyethylene
  • 39″ tall and is 24″ in diameter
  • Each barrel has a wide mouth, hard top, screw on lid, that is perforated to receive water in the barrel
  • Each barrel has a plastic spigot threaded for hose attachment, two elbows for overflow and future linking and a mosquito skirt to prevent insects from breeding inside the barrel. Read below why The Great American Rain Barrel is the ideal rain barrel

Why Repurposed Barrels are Better than Recycled Barrels

  • Repurposed barrels are more environmentally friendly.

Food Grade and UV Protected

  • Both these attributes are important in minimizing algae growth in your barrel.


The Great American Rain Barrel is offered in three environmentally compatible colors of Forest Green, Earth Brown (dark espresso brown) and Nantucket Gray.


  • Level SurfaceSafety first! A flat, level surface for placement of your water barrel is key. A full rain water barrel can weigh in excess of 300 lbs. you don’t want the rain water barrel to tip.
  • DownspoutOnce you position your rain barrel, you will need to remove a section of your gutter downspout to redirect water into your barrel.
  • OverflowOverflow should be between ¾”- 1 ½” wide opening. Note where the overflow is on the barrel, the larger the opening the lower the capacity of the barrel.
    Some overflows also have PVC tubing inside the barrel, this will reduce capacity and prevent you from being able to dunk a watering can inside the barrel
  • DownspoutWhich downspout? Perhaps you want the one that accesses the greatest amount of roof surface,thereby filling the barrel fastest. Is the downspout easily accessible, and what is its proximity to the area that needs the water? Is the ground surface area where the barrel will stand flat and stable?

Parts and Accessories

  • Removable, Hard and Durable Lid TopThe lid should be child resistant and kept on tightly at all times. But you will want the opportunity to get into the barrel on occasion to clean it out and remove any residue or should a spigot fail and need to be replaced.
    A lid is also an important attribute of a rain barrel. Lids that have large cutouts with screen surfaces can be compromised by falling debris or age and may provide an opening for mosquitoes to breed and other unwelcome debris that may taint your water supply.
  • Plastic SpigotBrass does not marry well with plastic, it often corrodes and clogs and does not replace easily. Too much movement of a brass spigot will strip the plastic and ultimately leak. Choose plastic. While plastic spigots may not outlive your barrel they are easily replaced.

Collecting Water

  • How much water do you want to collect? Each barrel holds 60 gallons; link barrels together to store 120 gallons, 180 and much more.


  • Be sure to screw lid on tightly to prevent children or animals from falling into the barrel.
  • Intended for garden use only.
  • Do not use barrel to store drinking water.
  • A full 60 gallon rain water barrel may weigh more than 500 lbs.

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