About community programs

Community programs offer barrels to homeowners at near to wholesale prices. Programs are easy to run and are designed to minimize work for the town. Each town has a specific distribution date and time. Towns are listed only when they have an active program. Once the program is over, they are no longer listed.

If you do not see your community listed, you can contact your Town Planner to find out when they intend to do their distribution. If you want your town to set up a program, have them email us at Info@greatamericanrainbarrel.com.

We only sell rain barrels through our Community Programs on our website. If your town is not offering a program you can purchase through our online partners Wayfair and Hayneedle and have them delivered to your door via FedEx. Or, if you live in Massachusetts, you can purchase through our bi- monthly distributions at our plant in Hyde Park. To purchase search for Hyde Park in MA on the Community Programs page. Barrels are also available for bulk purchase.

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