5 Great reasons to use rain water

  • Saves homeowners moneyHave you noticed the drip, drip, drip of your rising water bill? The cost of water is increasing nationally, no matter where you live. Yet rain water is free. If we are using 70% of our expensive drinking water for outdoor usage doesn’t it make sense to tap into the huge source of water splashing off your roof?
  • Reduces storm water run-offCapturing rain water in a barrel before it hits the ground decreases storm water run-off, which carries pollutants from paved surfaces into groundwater and rivers. These pollutants suffocate our water supplies and result in costly treatment facilities, affecting the quality of our recreational water and also has a huge impact on the eco system and and in our water bills.
  • Plants prefer rain waterNon chlorinated organic rain water is better for your plants than what comes out of the tap and it shows in the garden. Try feeding a small patch of moss tap water for a few days to see what happens.
  • It is sustainableHarvesting and using your own rain water is a first and easy step towards sustainability, lowers your carbon foot print and teaches conservation!
  • It makes you happy!Your bills are less, your plants are smiling and your family is doing its part.

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