Maximizing Water Collection

  • Link two or three barrels togetherTo save even more water, you can link your first barrel to a second, also using a (shorter) piece of 3/4″ hose. Simply unscrew the upper plug (on the second barrel) and replace it with a second elbow*. Attach one end of your hose to the overflow fitting (on barrel one) turning the fitting so that it is horizontal, and then attach it to the other end to the new elbow on the second barrel (which should also be turned horizontally). Attach your overflow hose to the second elbow (on barrel two) so that once that barrel has filled, you can direct excess water away from the foundation. We recommend keeping barrels close together for best results.
    * Initially you will receive two elbows, the first elbow is used for overflow. The second is for future linking or for additional overflow if needed. Please be sure to store that second elbow in a place where you will remember!
  • Place a barrel at each downspoutAttach a soaker hose and bury into your garden. Get creative with your rain barrels. Green barrels are popular because they so easily blend in with the landscape. You can place a barrel at each downspout for convenient as easy access to your gardens. Place your barrel on a stand a few feet off the ground. Be sure barrel is secure. Place spigot in drain hole at the bottom of the barrel and attach a soaker hose. Water the garden at the roots while you tend to other garden needs.

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