Save The Rain Diverter – Lafayette

Weight: 2.0 lbs
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Dimensions Small 11L x 3W x 2.5H inches Large 11L x 4W x 3.25 H inches
Material Galvanized Steel
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Weight Less than 2 lbs.


The small fits downspouts that are approx 2 x 3 inches or about 10-11 circumference and 3″ round.   The large fits downspouts that measure something greater than 3×4 or 14″ circumference or a 4″ round.

Details and Installation

  • Draw a line on the downspout approximately 9 inches above the top of the rain barrel
  • Move the barrel away
  • Use a hacksaw and cut the downspout at the line or marking
  • If the downspouts is a little larger than the diverter use needle nose pliers to crimp the edges so it will fit inside the diverter.  A snug fit is good and will hold it in place.

if a downspout bracket is below your cut, remove the bracket and place it above the cut

  • Attach diverter and set angle
  • The diverter is designed so that you can crimp the sides of the downspouts to fit the diverter
  • Tools needed: a hacksaw & measuring tape

Date: 05/21/2022

Location for Pick Up: The Dean Domingues Compost Facility 400 Dugas Road, Lafayette, LA 70507


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