Why do you place the spigot so high?

21 Apr, 2017

We recommend placing the spigot 14” above ground so that a watering can be placed beneath it.  The barrel is only 60 gallons and is gravity fed. If the spigot were at the bottom it would have to push thru  a hose, perhaps 6’ or 15’, there is not enough pressure to push it into through a hose and up into a watering can.  The other consideration is that the barrel fills and you empty, fills and you empty, fills and you empty , so you are working in the upper quadrants. If you spend too much time in the lower part of your barrel you need another one! One of the easiest ways to get water out is to remove the lid and dunk your  watering can, especially  when the water level falls below the spigot line, or you can tip it towards you. You always have the option of raising the barrel and putting the spigot at the bottom. That will increase pressure and allow for a watering can. You can also attach a soaker hose. To do so we recommend using 4 cinder blocks on the long end.