How do I know which size diverter I need.

23 Apr, 2017

By now you know that the Save the Rain Diverter comes in two sizes. Counter intuitively,  the small diverter is  the more universal size . Originally the small diverter was considered a standard size that could fit all downspouts. This was because the upper portion of the downspout can be crimped with needle nose pliers to fit into the top of the diverter and the lower part of the diverter would then rest in side the downspout, using  the tabs to hold it in place.  But overtime the proliferation of larger downspouts created enough demand that we created the large diverter.   The small fits downspouts that are approx 2 x 3 inches or about 10-11 circumference and 3″ round. If the downspouts is a little large than the diverter use needle nose pliers to crimp the edges so it will fit inside the diverter.  A snug fit is good and will hold it on place.  Use the 3×4 large diverter for downspout that measure something greater than 3×4 or 14″ circumference or a 4″ round.