How do I recycle my barrel?

21 Apr, 2018

If your barrel becomes obsolete there are several second uses that you can use it for if it is not destroyed. One of the most popular is to cut of the top of the barrel at its widest, highest point. The on opposite sides of the barrel drill two sets of small holes about 4” apart and thread with rope to fashion a handle. This can now be used for transporting yard waste, compost etc. Another use is to fashion a compost bin by cutting off the bottom of the barrel and setting it outside on the ground. YO could even cut out a little door if you are so inclined. This is a little more scientific than just dropping food waste into it does require mixing with leaves and turning. You may want to check this out:

how to compost

A last resort is to take it to the dump or  landfill. Products such as these are among the most difficult for dump managers  to deal with. That is why we recommend re-purposed barrels such as ours rather than the new trend of stamping out newly plastic rain barrels.