*****Program is closed for 2024. No additional orders will be accepted******Longmeadow is among the many towns nationwide offering discounted rain barrels to their residents. The Town strongly encourages the use of rain barrels as part of its town-wide water conservation program. Collected rain water helps during times of drought and aids in controlling runoff during heavy rains.  It can be used for watering gardens, lawns, washing cars, and many other non-potable purposes. Whether you get your water from  Longmeadow’s water supply or  private well, using rainwater reduces overall water demand. This is especially valuable in times of drought. When rain arrives in torrents, diverting some into rain barrels helps slow down runoff and limits erosion. And because rainwater isn’t chlorinated, it’s great for plants and lawns.

For all of these reasons, the town of Longmeadow has teamed up with the Great American Rain Barrel Company to offer Longmeadow residents this rain barrel opportunity!




Pickup Instructions

  • 05/18/2024 - 05/18/2024
  • Saturday, May 18th, 9:00am- 12:00noon
  • Longmeadow DPW at 170 Dwight Rd. Longmeadow MA. 01106

Longmeadow DPW 170 Dwight  Rd


Deadline for ordering

  • 05/05/2024
  • Midnight

Ordering Instructions

  • Click on pictures below to access products that are on special for your community
  • Billing address must be consistent with address of credit card that you are using
  • Buyers are committing to pick up at the distribution time and location listed above.
  • All customer inquiry must be emailed to info@tgarb.com. A customer service agent will respond.

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