How do I put spigot in lower port

26 Jun, 2023

Rain barrels are gravity fed. For additional pressure you can place the spigot in the bottom port and attach a soaker hose.  To do this you will need to remove the plug and place it in the upper port and then install the spigot in the lower port.

First remove plug. Lay the barrel on its side and sit straddle on  the barrel. The will allow you to get the best angle. You may need a hammer to lightly tap it onto place and q wrench to tighten. If leak occurs at the joint, use plumbers tape. Another option is to order a second  spigot .  The long neck with two washers and a nut create the best seal for the barrel.

To put the spigot in the lower port, set the barre on its side in a raised location, such as a wall, table or bench.  This will give you the  and best control. Remove one washer and the nut. It is helpful if you have a partner who can hold the spigot in place while the other reaches inside  to  attach the washer and nut.  The partner on the outside can actually turn the spigot to tighten, while the inside is held in place. Be sure to ratchet down tightly to create good seal.

This works best if you have the barrel elevated slightly. We  recommend using 12″ cinder blocks to create a base.