Welcome to The Great American Rain Barrel

With our rain barrel you can save precious rain water and conserve natural resources. At 60 gallons our barrel is among the largest capacity rain barrels available today! It is also the best built and most versatile.

Each 60 gallon, UV protected polyethylene rain barrel is manufactured in the USA from a recycled shipping drum that stands 39" tall by 24" wide and weighs 20 lbs. empty with a wall thickness of 3/16", resulting in a rigid, heavy duty rain barrel that will last virtually forever. The barrel comes complete with overflow fittings, drain plug, screw on cover, and a threaded spigot with a choice of two ports to use with either a watering can or a garden hose. Our rain barrel arrives with simple instructions for fast and easy installation. For additional water storage simply link two and three barrels together. Barrels can be shipped anywhere in the continental US.

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