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Hello and Welcome to the Great American Rain Barrel Company. At The Great American Rain Barrel Company we re-purpose our own shipping drums into a complete water collection.

Back in the late eighties, two local school teachers came up with the idea of recycling barrels into a water collection system modeled after those they had seen in English Gardens. At that time my husband, George, and I were new owners of a food importing/packing company.

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What our Customers are Saying

“Fantastic common sense, pure and chemical free portable water. Just to be safe, I recommend an inline garden hose filter — excellent for garden use in the foliar feed department. ”

Ivan Perry

“We are such fans of The Great American Rain Barrel – such a wonderful idea you took off with 30 years ago. Now with drought conditions, your product is all the more essential!!! We are honored to be associated with The Great American Rain Barrel and enjoy promoting their products.”

Deborah Cary, Broad Meadow Brook and Wachusets Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary Director, Mass Audubon

I purchased 2 rain barrels 2 years ago. At the end of each season I drained and flipped them over. Their condition has not changed at all. The quality of them is fantastic. I mainly use them to water our plants and veggies. With 2 barrels I was never without water, but I think this year I would like to get 2 more because they fill pretty quickly with just one good rainfall. The woman who delivered them was very nice and answered everyone’s questions. Well worth the purchase.
Dave R. Middleboro,MA

Dave R. Middleboro, MA

“There are two main things I like about the Great American Rain Barrels. They come in a variety of colors that allowed me to get the right one that blended with my house and surrounding landscaping, and second, the construction of the rain barrel is solid! And when you purchase through a community program like in Westborough the price is great!”

Doug M

“The Great American Rain Barrel has been a tremendous asset to the new
Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper’s River Care Program. Their customer service is exceptional. The barrels come with a kit for easy installation. Homeowners enjoy having a choice of colors, and more importantly, reusing an existing barrels keeps plastic out of the landfill.”

Kerri Bentkowski

“I am thoroughly pleased with the performance of the Great American Rain Barrel. It is a green solution to recycling rain water. It provides a green alternative to watering your garden, lawns and landscape. We are saving money and saving the environment.”

Iva Conte, Dedham-Westwood Water District, Conservation Coordinator

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