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Replacement lids for Great American Rain Barrels ONLY.  There are a few style lids depending on the barrel you own. Please send a photo of your barrel to with your order number so that we can find you the right match.  Please do the same if you request no holes drilled in your lid.   This item ships via FEDEX ground.


Some lids will have a “bung hole” (2″ raised section in the middle of the barrel)  and some will not. We do not guarantee which lid you will get.  The barrel lids were designed with a raised circle in the middle roughly 2″ in diameter that actually has a screw cap. A key would be inserted into the cap and turned to release the pressure. Product is more and more commonly cured in tanks now so the need for the “bung hole” to release pressure has become obsolete.  Most barrel manufacturers have eliminated the cap do reduce plastic production.  As a result some lids will have the bung hole and some will be smooth. We do not recommend using the cap. If it is open debris could fall into the cap area and compromise the screen, allowing insects into the barrel and other unwanted debris. We do not guarantee which lid you will get.

Barrels are available for FEDEX shipping or Pick Up Hyde Park MA. For Hyde Park pickup, lead time is 10 business days.

Plant hours in Hyde Park are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. You will be notified by email once your order is placed.

Please do not attempt to pick up at our plant without receiving notification.

Community Program Pickup is only available to customers participating in a Community Program.


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