The Great American Rain Barrel

Each Great American Rain Barrel is fully re-purposed, comes with a hard top, wide mouth, removable lid, a screen, a plastic threaded spigot, two 3/4" overflow valves and a choice between two ports to place your spigot. 
Dimensions are 39" tall, 24" Diameter and 20 lbs. empty.

Barrels are available in the following colors:
- Earth Brown
- Nantucket Gray
- Forest Green
- Unpainted 
The Save the Rain Diverter is available Small and Large

Barrels are available for FEDEX shipping or Pick Up Hyde Park, Community Program Pick up is only available to customers participating in a Community Program. For Hyde park Pick Up lead time is 10 business days, plant hours in Hyde Park are Monday - Friday 8:00-4:00pm (with a lunch break from 1:00-1:30) You will be notified by email once your order is placed. Please do not attempt to pick up at our plant without receiving notification.

Great American Rain Barrel
Save the Rain Diverters